Leading Retail Brand Discovers The True Value Of Improved Data Quality And Enhancement.

A leading retail brand saved $77,625 per mailing after running Anchor Proprietary Data Hygiene Solution.
Data Quality
The Situation: A retail client wanted to take a deeper dive into their data hoping to realize the improvements data quality and enhancement could afford.

The Objective: Reduce wasted resources and increase response rates of their direct mail efforts by developing a data driven approach based on enhancing their data quality.

The Anchor Approach: Anchor ran the retailer’s 1 million consumer names through its Proprietary Data Hygiene Analysis to give them a snapshot of their data quality opportunities. Recent studies show that the typical house file is 10% – 15% inaccurate.

The Result: The client has a cost of $0.50 per piece when including printing and mailing costs. The hygiene and data enhancements allowed them to realize a net savings of $77,625 per mailing. These corrections included address correction, suppression of individuals like those in prisons, removal of duplicates and dropping of deceased records.

Analysis Results:

  • 50,000 plus duplicates
  • 30,000 plus invalid addresses
  • Another almost 100,000 records needed correcting
  • 95% of the file had demographics that could be added
  • 21% had phone records that could be added
  • 27% had email records that could be added

Taking this proactive approach to data quality has allowed this Retail brand to enhance their direct mail efforts, reducing wasted resources and potentially increasing response rates.

To learn more about Anchor Proprietary Data Hygiene Solution contact Nancy Atwood at 631-306-9364 or click here.

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