Marketing Database 3.0

By: Jim Spillane (

Marketing Database 3.0Having spent my career as a Marketer, and the last 20 year’s specializing in developing marketing Databases, I’m happy that marketing has become so data driven. I suppose I’ve always been a “data geek” so I’m glad that the convergence of data, technology, agency, and market optics have made my passion so special!

Here are a few of my thoughts on what your Database 3.0 should be doing for you in today’s market:

Be Omni-Channel – Data is proliferating at exponential rates. Your Database should accommodate prodigious amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, and from multiple sources; Web, POS, DM, Email, Phone, etc.

Combine Customers and Prospects – Are you still doing an inefficient “Merge/Purge” AND managing your Customer Marketing Database? This is quite old school and you can save time and money by building an Omni-Channel Integrated Database.

Enable “People Based” Marketing – Today’s technology can execute true “One to One” Marketing. If you are still marketing to segments you should endeavor to change. Your Database should hold individual scores to personalize your message, improve the CX, and enable true One to One marketing.

Integrate Digital – Use MD5#’s and Mobile Ad ID’s to de-anonymize abandoned browse and cart data. Append multiple email addresses and wireless numbers to your Customers/Prospects to maximize social audience creation and search results.

“Be Model Ready” – With the democratization and commoditization of data why pay for costly appends? A Database should be “model ready” pre-enhanced with predictive variables. Favorable “on usage only” terms can be negotiated.

Take Away – Again, I’m glad that data has taken center stage for all marketing activities and that access to data has become ubiquitous and mainstream. The siloes have been recognized as inefficient and have broken down to be replaced by a more integrated ecosystem of marketing and technology. Previously disparate functions can be combined in the Database. This is no longer “holy grail” stuff!

If your Database isn’t doing these things for you or if you are interested in or have questions about anything I’ve written, please feel free to reach out to me directly, one data geek to another, to engage.

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