Increase Your Social Custom Audience Reach by up to 30%

By: Don Monell (

Social Connect Max Audience | Anchor ComputerYour social audience is cross-platform, cross-device. So as a company, you must follow suit. The major social platforms increase your reach and engagement and support your other channels. This is becoming increasingly important as challenges within the email channel such as deliverability, engagement and click-through continue to grow.
The pressure to be social and maximize return has everyone scrambling for 100% coverage.  For many companies unfortunately, their social marketing efforts are seeing, at best a 50% – 70% level of match, significantly lowering valuable engagement opportunities.

Enter Anchor’s “Social Media” Max Audience

Email is the most valuable data piece in linking to social. It serves as a universal match key across Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

This is where the strength of Anchor’s “Social Media” Max Audience lies. It provides additional emails to your marketing data set that go beyond what is currently deliverable via your email marketing campaigns. We employ a custom multi email per user ID approach that can increase your social media audience by 15% – 30%.

Secondly, Anchor can populate the other 12 targeting values for Facebook/Instagram. So customer/prospect records with no email (either matching or missing) can match based on the other possible elements like Name, Address, Phone, DOB, etc. The end result further increases your reach.

Imagine the lift to your social media campaigns as you increase touch points and engagement. Think of the ways you can be reaching those folks who are unresponsive to your email campaigns. Take it to another level and add response modeling (more on that topic in coming posts) and go after your top performing segment with a 100% social media coverage to support those efforts!

Whatever your social media goals are, whether you are just getting started our well on your way to maximizing the social channel, you have to have the best, most complete audience first.

That’s where we can help! Start today and start realizing higher Social Campaign ROI with Anchor’s “Social Media” Max Audience.

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