Intelligent Data Modeling Benefits Everyone

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Over the past decade organizations have transitioned from focusing on data mining, online collaboration, and search technology towards artificial intelligence, internet of things, and machine learning. The transition has created large knowledge gaps in the process. The most enlightened marketers will flourish if they bridge the gaps before the competition.


Digital Advertisers have been facing the challenge of a “siloed” data approach to the buyer journey. Advertising budgets are challenged for results in an ever complex spending landscape.

Consumers are aggravated because “siloed data” is improperly targeting them as potential clients, while missing the intended buyer. The advent of Ad blocking software provides relief for consumers, while further emphasizing the importance of intelligent data models to target of buyers throughout their journey.

Intelligent data modeling is needed now more than ever to enable advertisers and marketers to better target their audience. Data which is intelligently modeled using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can provide an accurate, cogent picture of the target audience, and potential future purchases.

Buyer’s intention is better understood with the use of intelligent modeling. Understanding buyer’s intent along the journey enables marketers to serve ads in a timely fashion. If a buyer is ready to purchase, modeled data provides the information needed to serve the right ad creating incentive, and driving a future purchase.

The most erudite marketers work with data modelers to boost campaign engagement, and bottom line results. The same marketers understand that it’s crucial to use smart data modeling on prospect campaigns to target the buyers with the most likelihood of purchasing a brand’s product or service.

Intelligent data modeling succeeds in consistently boosting the performance of marketing campaigns. Every advertiser and marketer[i] should utilize the powerful technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning to target the right consumers at the correct stage in the buyer’s journey, or they are missing opportunities.

[i] “The Need for Intelligent Data Modeling” Harvey Sarjant Database Trends and Applications
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