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When do I send?

Timing Challenges for Mobile Marketing | Anchor Computer
Mobile Marketers have to find ways to timely connect with users across the globe on all devices. Having access to millions of users on a daily basis creates challenges, which if overcome, can lead to great successes. One of the primary challenges they face is timing of engagement.

When is it the correct time to engage with a consumer on their mobile device? The mobile marketing professional has to balance the need to engage with the risk of over communicating.

Knowledge of customer traits is the key to determining message timing. A business traveler has different needs and will respond to a different message at a different time than a college student.

Message timing is based on personal characteristics of consumers. Personalization is best done on a database level with active segmentation of customers based on demographic traits like age, occupation, income & hobbies. Segmentation of data generates accurate consumer profiles, and is best attained though the use of predictive modeling. Gathering all available data on consumers, then modeling the “perfect customer” while seeking out more individuals that fit the model. Updating all data on a regular basis down to mailing addresses helps insure that each customer profile is as accurate as possible.

Multichannel personalization utilizes the four major mobile messaging channels: push notifications, in app/browser messaging, email, and news feed cards. Each channel can be used to issue a message to the consumer in varying degrees of urgency. The messages can be issued based on rich content or simple content, and on a scale of high urgency to low urgency.

Utilizing dynamic customer profiles generated through modeling can lead mobile marketers to better time their customer engagements. Multichannel messaging based on customer profile intelligence stands a much better chance at success. Feedback through other data sources including email opt-in and subscribe unsubscribe also feeds customer models and strengthens profiles for future customer engagements.

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