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Duplicates! Nothing kills a direct marketer’s integrity like receiving his great piece of marketing twice. This happened to me just the other day, and I was surprised at how irritated I was receiving the duplicate email from one of my favorite newsletters. My first thought was to simply unsubscribe, but instead I decided I would engage the sender and ask them to fix it. I wrote them a short email and went to lunch. Surprisingly when I got back a reply was waiting for me asking me to call. I called and the Admin looked up my information and noted I had come in on one funnel with one email, and on another with an alias to my work email. The Admin asked, which one is correct? I replied both. They merged my contact information and just like that my problem was solved. They thanked me for letting them know about the error and informed me they would do a Merge / Purge, so the offline data would match. Marketers, does this sound familiar to you? If yes, then sooner or later you’ll need to develop cohesive strategies to merge duplicates between online and offline data sources. My next words were…
“Hey, I can help you with that”
Alas, it was not meant to be. Turning a complaint into a sale is not one of my strong suits. We chatted a bit more, and went our separate ways. .
Simple or complex, a Merge / Purge is only as effective as its matching logic. Along with the standard matching levels, one of our unique features is customizing merge/purge criteria to meet your specific data requirements. Beside the typical matching criteria; name and address, we have the ability to match any fields in your database(s); email, phone, date of birth, transactional history, gender, etc. Go beyond name and address comparison to incorporate all additional data that may aid in determining matches across several different files.
Our proprietary process allows a custom solution for marketers with multiple files, across disparate file formats and layouts, searching for a cost effective way to unify the data into a single, complete, easy-to-access marketing database.

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