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Remember that today’s digital technology does not replace ALL of the “good old” marketing basics (See my prior post) . The use of technology enhances a marketer’s ability to incorporate modern tools into their marketing tool set. If after reading this you have questions or you think you might want to try some the techniques, contact us, we can help.

Some “Success” ideas

Survival Guide Today’s Multi Channel Marketer

  • Use today’s CRM technology with “tried and true” techniques to help retain your best customers. Develop special offers, such as “Gold memberships”, offer bonus points, develop customized loyalty programs, and provide a special 800# for Gold members only. Use these “value added” services for your best customers as a reward for their business.
  • Campaign to your best customers more often and provide dynamic, personalized incentives for other merchandise that is related to their purchase activity For example, if a woman bought shoes give her a special offer for the matching handbag.
  • Your former customers are a great asset. Develop reactivation programs to win them back. Make sure that you have a “clean” list of these old names. Use proven data hygiene techniques to bring this file segment up to date.
  • Save and archive all your promotion history from all channels. This data is very useful for analysis and modeling as well as in strategic planning, creative development, offer development and new product design.
  • Use third party data to enhance your house file. This appended data can be used to build different customer segments, and support analytical and data mining efforts. It is also essential for predictive model construction.
  • Use omni-channel to support direct mail to increase overall response. For example, deploy an email campaign prior to the direct mail being delivered, and provide follow up emails afterwards.
  • Consider implementing a special discount code. This will boost response and enable you to track and measure the effectiveness of the email. You can incorporate this technique in your direct mail, retargeting and your IP address advertising efforts so that that you’ll truly have an integrated marketing campaign that is trackable and measurable.
  • A much overlooked marketing technique is the “Get-A-Friend” offer. Offer current customers a gift when one of their “friends” orders from you. This is a proven method for adding incremental business.

Please mail me with any questions or inquires you may have.  Stay tuned … more to come…….

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