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If you market to consumers the single largest social audience still resides at Facebook. Below is a quick rundown of current stats surrounding the platform from a marketer’s standpoint.

  1. Facebook Has 2 Billion Monthly Active Users
    One billon of those are active on a daily basis. Hard to ignore a user base of this size. And with new advertising tools within Facebook, there is the ability to load a variety of audiences to target as well as capture various engagement to build them as well.
    A little more on the demographics of those users:

    • 83% of women use the platform, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but men are ‘social’ too. 75% of men use the platform as well.
    • Most active age segment is 18-29 (88%)
    • Followed closely by 30-49 (84%)
    • Surprisingly enough, 62% for those 65+.

    So if your brand speaks to an older audience don’t forget Facebook. They have the largest social audience in that group by far.

  1. People Spend an Average of 35 Minutes on Facebook Each Day
    Ok that is down a little bit from 40 minutes for last year but still 19% of all mobile time is spent there.
  1. 99% of Retail Brands Have a Facebook Business Page.
    Hoping the 99% speaks for itself.
  1. 400 New Users Sign up for Facebook Every Minute
    Since 2015 monthly active users has grown by 500 million
    Other interesting ‘happens in a minute’ stats:

    • 317,000 Status Updates
    • 147,000 Photos Uploaded
    • 54,000 Shared Links
  1. 62% of Marketers Choose Facebook as Their Most Important Platform
    Followed by LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and YouTube in that order. Surprisingly, YouTube garnered only 4%. I think that we will see a marked increase as YouTube is only behind Google as the most searched platform and video is probably the strongest driver of engagement.
    Interestingly, Facebook is also the number one platform that marketers want to learn more about. So I think there is still a learning curve ahead for most of us.
  1. Facebook’s Messenger Has Over 1.2 Billion Monthly Active Users
    If your paid ad response rate is flat or declining Facebook Messenger deserves your attention. You can now send relevant promotions directly to people with whom you have already communicated .
    This is good news as most folks prefer brands communicate with them in social channels as opposed to email, phone and other digital channels.A Nielsen Facebook survey revealed:

    • 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly
    • 56% would rather message than call customer service.
  1. 19% of Time Spent on Mobile Devices Is on Facebook
    That is the highest percentage of all mobile app and browser activity. Running second is Entertainment with 14% and then Messaging (very often through a social platform) at 12%. So don’t ignore mobile or Facebook!
  1. 88% of Marketers Report Increased Exposure Is The Number One Benefit
    Followed closely by:

    • Increased Traffic – 78%
    • Developed Loyal Fans – 69%
    • Provided market intelligence – 66%
    • Generated Leads – 66%
  1. The Average CPM for Facebook Ad Impressions Is $0.25
    Google Adwords is $2.75. Maybe it’s not fair to compare against Google Adwords as you would use it for different marketing efforts but it shows that Facebook is by far the least expensive channel for getting impressions for your ads.

There is tremendous value with what Facebook is offering for today’s marketer. The tools just keep coming. More ways to target the best audience. If you haven’t already explore
Thanks for reading! More to come on future posts.

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