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Geo Targeting: How it can help your business grow

Geo Targeting is a great way to help your business improve results and ROI. The end game, of course, is increased sales for your business products and services.

Geo Targeting delivers content to the recipient, based on the geographic physical location, typically to a mobile or desktop device, using either GPS signal tracking or geo fencing. Most applications will ask if you want to turn on location services that will track where you are at any given time. Marketers deliver relevant ad content to show you their products that are nearby to get your attention and increase their foot traffic.

Finding consumers ready to purchase, and in close proximity of your establishment is imperative for Geo targeting to work. Mobile devices have surpassed PC’s in search, for local businesses. They occur while in the car, or away from home and work. According to Local Search Association Study about seventy percent of mobile users share their location with Apps they use on their phone, giving Marketers a huge advantage locating you, for a geo targeting campaign.

Geo targeting can be especially advantageous for Colleges, and not for profits. A specialty school looking for a particular type of student, like a music college, can target local music shops, and deliver ad content to those people, with curriculum information to enroll. Another example would be for not for profit organizations. You could have a local pet shop, where people might be adopting a pet, and you are an animal shelter looking for funds to rescue pets. You could subsequently deliver your message via ad content looking for donors to your organization.

Geo targeting is extremely effective to use with social media, Facebook or Instagram. Check-ins when visiting sites and locations enhance your target audience by letting you know they are already nearby. When they do send ads for your products and services in their immediate vicinity.

Real time information is crucial to growing revenue.  If you have a seasonal business, say a beach or pool, and you have a limited time to target a summer audience, with goods and services. Geo targeting helps track that audiences that are arriving in your location in real time.

Another option could also be demographic information. A targeted audience based on residence, age, ethnicity, income, education, and many other variables can really boost ROI. You can use banner ads to increase traffic to your website or landing page.  Website visitors can turn into increased foot traffic for schools opening up a whole new revenue stream for your business and the local establishments.

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