Improve your incorrect or incomplete addresses by 20-40%

In almost every mailing list a portion of the addresses are undeliverable due to missing or incomplete address elements that Address Standardization software (CASS) may not be able to ZIP + 4®code. Anchor’s solution uses a proprietary address correction methodology which compares the first name, last name, incomplete address and ZIP Code to our MegaBase Consumer File. Using sophisticated logic we correct the undeliverable address provided on a match. The process also adds missing apartment/suite or rural route box numbers to your address file.

Our database of over 2 billion name and address records yields high match rates. This system typically corrects up to 40% of undeliverable as addressed mail. Address Enhancement minimizes the loss caused by mail not reaching its destination.

USPS®* statistics indicate that 23.6% of all mail contains addressing errors. Here’s a breakdown of the most common errors:


2.4% Addressee Moved

6.0% Directional/Suffix Incorrect or Missing

5.9% Street Name and Number Incorrect or Invalid

4.8% ZIP Code or City Incorrect

4.5% Apartment Number or Rural Route Box # Missing

*USPS® document AEC & AEC II Guide

Features and Benefits

  • Add records that are now deliverable back into your mailing campaigns to increase response rates and ensure you are reaching valuable customers and prospect.
  • Improves NCOALink® and other address hygiene match rates
  • Savings on postage, print and production costs by mailing to deliverable addresses..
  • Dedicated customer support