Get your message in front of your buyers when they are on the internet

The process called CRM retargeting gives marketers the ability to present digital targeted ads to customers or prospects who reside on the marketer’s CRM database. When your customer or prospect is on the internet the ad network will display a customized targeted message.

Clients can segment their CRM database into any number of actionable segments. Segments can be based on demographics, R-F-M , prior behavior, geography, clusters based, etc. Anchor assists you in developing the segmentation scheme that is best for that ad campaign. Clients can A/B split each segment and test different creatives/offers to determine the optimal approach.

How CRM Retargeting Works

The client will use a display ad network to plan the ad campaign and place the ads with web sites. If a client does not have a preferred ad network, Anchor has trusted ad network partners who will work with the client on the ad buy, perform the account management function, and provide the results and metrics.

The process is very simple.

  • Anchor accesses client’s database of email addresses and/or name and address
  • Anchor segments client’s a database and forwards the file for the assignment of cookies
  • The ad network deploys the campaign
  • The client can set test limits on the number of impressions

Match rates for cookie delivery of a typical client’s CRM database will be in the 30%-60% range. The optimal number of ad frequency impressions delivered to the CRM database is 17 impressions per month per individual.

Anchor then works with the client in analyzing all the results and making recommendations for future roll-outs.

Features & Benefits

  • Targeted display ad instantly generated when a potential buyers is on internet
  • Multiple options to segment and test campaigns
  • Experienced advice at every stage of the process