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Comprehensively Clean Your Data

Data quality is the foundation of any successful marketing effort. Businesses that want to ensure their data files are accurate should consider implementing address hygiene services before beginning a campaign, digital or print.

Taking this step drastically improves the odds of reaching your desired target.

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Data Quality


Improve your incorrect or incomplete addresses by 20-40%. Our database of over 2 billion name and address records yields high match rates. This system typically corrects up to 40% of undeliverable as addressed mail.Read More »

Deceased Suppression

Save money and reduce complaints by using deceased suppression! Anchor’s proprietary Deceased Suppression Processing will reduce the number of deceased individuals you mail to.Read More »


Our MaxCOA product is a proprietary change of address (PCOA) data file that supplies changes of address that the USPS® NCOALink® process does not provide. MaxCOA moves are processed and validated at an individual level to increase accuracy.

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POS Capture

If you only have a name and zip code, we can provide an address. We provide address data for your customers when Point-of-Sale Capture is incomplete (or impossible). It is always best to capture a name and address information at the point of sale, but is not always possible.

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Improve your incorrect or incomplete addresses by 20-40% & find additional changes of address beyond NCOALink®. Our AAE+ product combines two of Anchor’s most robust address hygiene processes.Read More »

DMA Mail Preference Suppress

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Mail Preference Service (MPS) is an effective means of purging your lists of records that match the DMA Do Not Mail list, consisting of 4 million+ consumers who do not want to receive advertising mail.

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Identify the same person even though they may have moved or changed their name. Anchor has compiled an extensive database consisting of links to the same individual irrespective of physical address and/or last name.

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Super Cleanse Options

Insure maximum delivery and save money by combining essential address hygiene processes in one of our custom solutions.

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Canadian Processing

We provide a range of data services for businesses marketing in Canada. Our Canadian processing experts offer our clients knowledge of the marketplace, flexible pricing and quick turnaround.

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Before you mail, identify addresses that are undeliverable. Delivery Sequence File* – Second Generation (DSF2®) is an address accuracy tool that identifies addresses that are deliverable and addresses that are not.

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Name & Address Verify

Is the individual still at the address on your record, even after applying NCOALink®? Anchor provides a complete range of address hygiene services to insure that the contact information on our clients’ databases is as accurate and current as possible.

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Super Suppress

We designed a cost-effective way to combine the most common elements for suppression. Our proprietary Super Suppress process includes the following; Deceased Suppression, MPS, Profanity, Prison, Nursing Homes, APO/FPO and Blank Addresses.

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CASS™ is a required processes in qualification for USPS® presorts, saturation, and automation discounts. We quickly and inexpensively run mailing lists through this fundamental process. The process will standardize your addresses in the USPS® format and provides four essential USPS® processes.

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File View

A blueprint for improving your data. Anchor’s “File View” is a diagnostic tool that provides a marketer with the deliverability condition of a marketing database as well as the potential to enhance the file with additional information.

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Decrease costs and increase response rates every time you mail. NCOALink® identifies changes of address on both consumer and business records, saving you printing and postage costs.

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