Accurately measure marketing results and apply this knowledge to improve ROI


In today’s marketplace marketers require immediate, accurate, actionable data on responses in order to grade the degree of success of their campaigns.

Anchor has developed a number of robust response analysis and evaluation tools that will tell a marketer who, when, and how someone responded, in addition to offering insights for future campaigns. We can provide a wide range of reports from the basic reporting, to the more detailed, comprehensive media source analysis.

We offer clients a detailed analysis of campaign performance including both the metrics of the response, and a breakdown of the behavior by key segments. Our response analysis includes:

  • Conversion metrics
  • Link analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Media/Source code reporting

Where others may offer a one-size-fits-all solution, we prefer to customize response analysis to each client’s specific needs.


Features & Benefits

  • Obtain fast, comprehensive metrics on all aspects of your campaign
  • Experienced support to assist in every aspect of analysis
  • Wide range of analysis options available in one-stop