Anchor realized years ago that the data needs of retailers, in particular retailers collecting information at the point of sale, were unique. We have an entire website ( developed to assist retailers in maximizing the potential of their marketing data.

Retailers Need:

  • Accurate & complete contact information
  • Point of Sale data management
  • Multi-Channel message integration
  • Analytics, Modeling, Response Analysis
  • Relational database design & maintenance
  • CRM database management

Customized Client Solutions

Data Quality
Retail Shopper Identifier
Point of Sale Capture & Real-time POS Verification
Consumer & Business Data Enrichment
Profiling, Modeling & Response Analysis
Email Marketing Services
Phone Data Services
CRM Database Management
List Acquisition


Retail Clients

National Retail Chains Catalogers E-Commerce sites
Restaurants Ad Agencies Manufacturers
Brick & Mortar Stores Distributors Supermarkets
Warehouse Retailers Office Supplies Apparel