There are over 3.5 million retail establishments in the U.S., which employ over 40 million people to work in it. This statistic makes it the nation’s largest private sector employer. There are many types of retailers, selling all types of products but all have one thing in common, the “Point Of Sale”(POS).
Anchor realized years ago that the data needs of retailers, in particular retailers collecting information at the POS, were unique. We have an entire website ( developed to assist retailers in maximizing the potential of their marketing data.

Retailers Need:

  • Accurate & complete contact information
  • Point of Sale data management
  • Multi-Channel message integration
  • Analytics, Modeling, Response Analysis
  • Relational database design & maintenance
  • CRM database management

Customized Client Solutions

Data Quality
Retail Shopper Identifier
Point of Sale Capture & Real-time POS Verification
Consumer & Business Data Enrichment
Profiling, Modeling & Response Analysis
Email Marketing Services
Phone Data Services
CRM Database Management
List Acquisition


Retail Clients

National Retail Chains Catalogers E-Commerce sites
Restaurants Ad Agencies Manufacturers
Brick & Mortar Stores Distributors Supermarkets
Warehouse Retailers Office Supplies Apparel