If all you have is a phone number we can return the name and address associated with that phone number.

If some of your lists contains only telephone numbers, Anchor has a proven reverse phone append solution that provides you with names, complete addresses and deliverable emails for the individuals or businesses we match to the number in your record.

Reverse phone append match rates vary based on many factors such as the age of the file, the quality and quantity of the data sources, and the sophistication of the matching and verification process. Anchor’s direct access to multiple current teleco files, including landlines, wireless and private databases, and our proprietary matching logic and technology provides our clients a distinct advantage and optimum results. In addition to our in-house sources we go out to trusted partners to gain additional matches.

A typical match rate is in the 35% – 65% range

A signed phone data services acknowledgement form must be received prior to processing

Reverse Phone Append Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary matching algorithms utilized
  • New channels of communication for marketers
  • Multiple sources ensure higher match rates and accuracy
  • Ability to reverse match to landline, wireless and private numbers