Identify wireless numbers accurately and quickly

Wireless cell phone identifier will help identify ported landlines to cell phones.  Today the vast majority of the population use two numbers, typically a landline line and a cell phone. To further complicate the issue many people are porting their landline number to a cell phone and only carrying that number. So it’s very difficult to look at any database that has phone numbers and can tell the difference from landline numbers and from cell numbers.

If you need to identify wireless numbers, for compliance with TCPA and/or customer opt-in communications, our Wireless Identifier and Wireless Ported Number file provides a comprehensive and economic solution.

We identify those numbers that are wireless. The file is updated monthly and covers over 400 million phone numbers that are currently assigned or will be assigned to cellular phones, as well as landline numbers that have been switched from landline to wireless.

A signed phone data services processing acknowledgment form must be received prior to processing.

Wireless Cell Phone Identifier Features & Benefits

  • Quick turnarounds real time or batch available
  • Ensure you are not loading cell phone numbers into predictive dialers
  • Suppress Do Not Call numbers unless you are exempt