Four Steps for Direct Mail Success

A guide for savvy marketers to see the opportunity in a clutter free mail box
Direct Mail - 4 Steps for Marketing Success

Direct Mail could be the missing ingredient in the marketing mix for many businesses.

“There is much less clutter in the mailbox than there is in the inbox; if you add Direct Mail as a part of your marketing mix, you may see a potential increase in over all campaign ROI,” said Nancy Atwood, Vice President Business Development. “But one must implement smart strategic steps in order to get the most out of their Direct Mail dollars.”

Here are a few steps that should be implemented to get the most out of the medium:

Step one: Review the quality of your data and ensure you have a clean file.

Data quality of your list is one of the critical keys to Direct Mail success. Businesses that want to ensure their data files are accurate should consider implementing address hygiene services. Taking this step drastically improves mail deliverability.

Step two: Segment your data into clearly defined markets

Market segmentation allows businesses to divide their data into smaller targeted marketing groups. There are several segmentation strategies, these include behavioral, demographic, psychographic or geographical. Segmentation allows businesses to design marketing campaigns that are more relevant to their customers’ needs and expectations. The more targeted the promotional campaign is to a specific audience the greater chance of success.

Step three: The Call to Action

Direct Mail is about getting a response to a call to action. Make sure to include a compelling offer that gives the target audience a reason to promptly respond to the direct mail campaign. This may seem like a no brainer, but many direct marketers don’t include an appealing enough offer to entice their audience to respond. Look at the piece from the recipient’s perspective and use that to craft the offer.

Step four: Follow up

There are so many distractions inundating today’s buyer. In order to break through the day to day clutter, you have to create multiple touch points. Direct Mail should be part of a multichannel marketing campaign that includes planned follow up. Creating an email follow up to the same recipients reminding them to take advantage of their offer boosts the odds of overall campaign conversion.

Capitalize on the opportunity created by the lack of mail box clutter and implement these 4 smart strategic steps to get the most out of your next Direct Mail campaign.

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