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Crafting targeted personal emails, designed for the recipient can drastically improve open, click-through and conversion rates.


Email marketing success is largely dependent on getting the end user to actually open the email.

There is compelling evidence that email marketers can take one additional step and increase their open rates.

What is this magic bullet you ask? Personalize Your Emails.

In a recent email marketing study experts discovered that:

  • Personalizing emails increases open rates by 29% and unique click-through rates by 41%.
  • 64% of people say they open emails based on the subject line’s relevance.
  • Adding a person’s name to the beginning of the email creative can increase open rates by 40% when compared to the same campaign without personalization.

Here are a couple examples of ways to personalize an email. Send a birthday or anniversary email offering customers a significant discount during the month of their special day. Thank customers for their recent purchase and recommend additional related items in the product line.

The goal is to make each email feel personal to the person opening it. This can be achieved by taking insights from consumer data like previous purchase history, geographic information or personal information like a birth date or anniversary.

“Marketers know, the more information you have about your current and potential prospects the better you can customize messages and increase potential conversion. Many marketers come to Anchor with a list of names and addresses and enhance their databases by appending email addresses, demographic data, and even other buying habits. This additional information can be used in their marketing efforts to give them a leg up on the competition. ” Mark Schenker, President

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