Increase the effectiveness by creating tailored omnichannel marketing campaigns. This can be accomplished through the use of an integrated marketing database solution that offers real-time access to data-driven insights.

Anchor Computer has enhanced its integrated marketing database to provide omnichannel marketing capabilities that capture customer insights allowing marketers to increase response rates by crafting tailored marketing campaigns that reach consumers through the best marketing channel for them.

Each customer interaction creates a record:

    • Which emails they’ve clicked or opened and how did they view those emails
    • How customers interact with the company website
    • Which offers they have responded to
    • Are they members of the company’s loyalty program
    • How often they purchase certain products or categories
    • Do they click on your online banner ads
    • How frequently do they respond to direct mail
    • Call logs to service centers and more

Combining these interactions in an integrated marketing database gives a complete picture of the customer and allows campaigns to be tailored to the customer based on business intelligence.

“Anchor’s new omnichannel capabilities helps businesses create one on one relationships with their customers. They need to take into consideration that customers will experience their brand in multiple channels at once. A customer could start a sales experience in one channel, like email, but finish on their phone. By taking an omnichannel marketing approach, our clients ensure their customer engagement is seamless, integrated and consistent.” Jim Spillane, Vice President of Database Solutions.

According to a 2015 Infosys survey: 78 percent of consumers are more likely to respond to personalized offers. And 86 percent of consumers are willing to pay as much as 25 percent more for an enhanced customer experience.

Taking this customer-centric approach, marketers can query the data in real time using simple flow chart segments to unlock insights into when a customer might purchase next or which up-sell or cross-sell potential exists. This instant access to the data helps ensure no opportunity is missed.

The partnership between data-driven insights and real-time access helps create personalized omnichannel marketing campaigns designed to reach customers through the marketing channel that is best for them, increasing the chances of higher response rates.

Click here to learn more about how Anchor Computer’s new omnichannel capabilities can help you increase the effectiveness of an integrated marketing database today.

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