Is your data getting fuzzy?

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The Problem: Data Degradation

Email marketers lose on average about 22.5% of their list every year due to data degradation. Industry statistics vary from sector to sector, but inevitably our data goes stale. Marketers, like us, want to know what we can do to prevent it. It seems unfair that the data we work so hard to collect becomes a depreciating commodity the minute they sign up.  Contacts have a lifecycle from signup to opt out, and our job as marketers is to keep them engaged as long as we can. Losing them for reasons other than their natural lifecycle really hurts our bottom line.

How will my Data Decay

There are instances where customer information may change. Digitally, they can move from internet provider to internet provider, stop using old email accounts, or update their current email address. In the analog world they can physically move, change their names and it’s like they never existed.  Data decays because lives change all the time, but it’s not only people who change contact information. Businesses change too. They buy other companies, merge, open satellite offices, and close others down. Outside factors can also cause change, like government regulations, For example, they renamed streets, changed area codes, even country codes change. Point being, data decay is inevitable whether or not the change is personal or due to outside stressors.  Accept it, plan for it and fortunately you can fix most of it.

Fighting Data Degradation

Fighting the degradation of data is easier now due to the amount of data being collected, but it requires vigilance and instituting a Data Management process that is right for you. Companies like Anchor have been doing it for a long time, and can find the right combination of tools to build a custom solution for you.

  • NCOALinkTM is a secure dataset of approximately 160 million change-of-addresses going back up to 48 months, or 18 months that enable mailers to update mailing lists with new addresses from individuals, families and businesses that have moved.
  • Lead verification improve your leads in “real time” via data cleansing, verification and enhancement.
  • Regular database health checks should be part of your routine. Our complimentary data quality analysis tool “File View” provides a complete report card on your data prior to any campaign. Identify address corrections, undeliverable records, and suggest data enhancements for refined targeting.
  • Data Quality correcting data with our suite of proprietary tools, then providing the clean data back for use in your Marketing database.

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