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“Personalization is not a strange visitor from another planet…”

If that reminds you of the intro to Superman you are correct.  If you haven’t been hearing the term “People Based Marketing” a lot lately, you haven’t been paying attention.  “People Based Marketing,” as current relevant vernacular, seems to have won the hearts and minds of the Marketing Cognoscenti. It is not dissimilar in spirit to its marketing strategy predecessors just a little more real with today’s technology and data.


So, what is People Based Marketing?  People-based marketing is a strategic marketing discipline, which focuses on connecting brands’ marketing campaigns directly with actual individuals, across all devices and channels. As opposed to all the anonymous means of marketing; shouting from the mountaintop, mailing to households or “current residents”, making digital ad “impressions”, winning email “eyeballs”, or targeting web browsers, people-based marketing allows brands/advertisers to identify and respond to individual customers across all online and offline touchpoints, in real or near-real time, opening up endless opportunities to engage them in ways that are more meaningful to them and aligned to their current interests. Doing this successfully requires the right data, identity management capabilities and partners.  Read on for moret


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