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The Future of Email

Future Of EmailEmail. We can’t live without it. Remember a long time ago in the 1990’s, very few people had or were using email. Well in the twenty plus years since then, we have come a long way and virtually everyone has and uses email. In the 18-34 year old demographic, studies show they are fully engaged in email, checking emails as soon as they arrive. Over half of consumers prefer email to any other channel, and over 75% of the population use smartphones regularly. Three out of Five consumers believe they will use email even more in the next five years.

So, what is the future of email?  Here are a few quick thoughts on the question.

What’s going on Now

Today, email is the standard of communication in business, far outdistancing the use of a telephone, and live conversation with another person. Regulations governing email and data have put the future of email in quite an interesting place, especially with the recent adoption of the GDPR regulations in the EU. You want to make sure your email is getting delivered, noticed, and acted upon.

Deliverability is the key. You need to make sure your records are clean. You need a data provider to append email to your database. Targeted audiences need the right data set with the proper demographic or firmographic information to reach your intended consumer. Data quality is paramount in any email campaign. If your dataset is out of date it will negatively effect your deliverability.

Automation and Personalization is still one of most effective ways to get noticed. Other channels can augment email such as social media, and direct mail. Adding video can help get you noticed too. Also, you want to have a clear offer expiration, so that people will be compelled to act quickly to your marketing campaigns. Make sure your products are targeted to the right people, with offers and images. Geo-targeting, with location is essential to taking advantage of audience location. About 70% percent of Gmail users can already be geo-targeted.

Getting used as a resource is the final step. Evergreen content is a good way to provide continued engagement. Live webcasts and providing directions using local maps, shipping updates, and the latest calendar events help draw attention to your content.

Content is still King and if you’re not mindful of your content, it will be typically deleted about a third of the time. Worse, another third will likely unsubscribe from your list entirely. Reasons for unsubscribing range from too many emails, lack of relevance, repetitive content, and constantly just trying to sell something they don’t need, instead of building loyalty.

Back to the Future of Email

Is it AI? There are many excited markers beginning to employ AI in their marketing and sales efforts.

Leveraging AI and machine learning in email is still in the early phase, but there are indications that AI being used to automate and optimize your email marketing programs. will help maximize email engagement and conversions. AI will supercharge the tools that provide content, send times and frequency.

The future of email is still a little uncertain but it will continue to move forward, and it is imperative that you take advantage of all the best practices and tricks of the trade, to get your email content to stand out among the others crammed in your inbox.

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