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B2B Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is today’s channel of choice. It drives results and the return on investment is about 38 to 1 for every dollar spent [1]. There are nearly 105 billion emails sent each year, and the number is expected to reach 246 billion before 2020 [2]. How should we compete in a channel so inundated with choices?
Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are B2B email marketing:

B2B Marketing Email Tips

  1. Know your Audience – Make sure you segment your list properly. There are many ways to segment your file, and be sure to continue to test ways in which you can. A couple of examples would be to create Personas, segment by industry vertical and create models from your data to name just a few. If your list is lacking some details in this regard consider enriching your data with Business firmographics. Also, be aware of where your prospects are in the sales funnel. Don’t forget to suppress those who are further along in funnel. A good prospect could turn tail and run if you inundate their inbox with unwanted emails.
  2. Go Responsive – Make sure your message can be viewed over multiple devices. Remember that much of your audience will use multiple devices on a daily basis, so don’t assume an email open on a mobile device will happen every time when an individual reads your well-crafted email. They may well use their mobile device or tablet the next time they view the email. If you using a Sales CRM be sure that your provider’s templates are Responsive (not all are).
  3. Images – Compelling imagery in B2B is not as important as they are for B2C, but they can make your case provided you place them carefully. A colorful header with icons or a simple image can add real flavor to your email.
  4. Have an end in Mind-Determine the purpose of your e-mail and the intended result. Do you wish to inform the reader, take an action, or to help them with something? The purpose of your message will help you organize your message in a logical a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  5. Follow Up – Depending on your industry the length of time may vary, but if a prospect opens an email some sort of follow-up should be employed. Don’t worry, they expect it. A Salesmen might prefer a call, text or an email of a more personal nature.
  6. Always Be Testing – Trying to predict what works well in each market is impossible without constantly testing. Always be willing to push the boundaries just a little more each time. It can show you the difference between what will work and what will work better.

We get so many emails every day, but read only a precious few so remember what made you choose them over the hundreds of others you get.  Is it content that drives you, need or something else?  Stay tuned for more to come.


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[2] Wordstream

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