As part of an overall marketing strategy, some companies turn to an ad agency to develop an advertising campaign. Ad agencies combine their creative and research expertise with the input of the client to develop a campaign that appeals to customers. In a highly competitive industry where time-lines, budgets and results are critical, agencies have learned that they can count on Anchor as their one-stop complete data management resource.

Agencies Need:

  • Accurate & complete contact information
  • Multi-Channel message integration
  • Innovative data solutions
  • On time, on budget
  • Dependable client support
  • Targeted marketing lists

Customized Client Solutions

Data Quality
Consumer & Business Data Enhancement
Profiling, Modeling & Response Analysis
Design & Construction for B2B & B2C
Email Marketing
List Acquisition

Ad Agencies Clients

Full Service Direct Marketing Arts & Culture
Interactive Non-Profits Social Media
In-house Search Engine Healthcare Communications
B2B Political Retail