Identify Your Web Site Visitors



Did you ever say, “I wish I could identify all the people who visited my web site so that I could communicate and market to them”? Well now you can with Anchor Connect!

By placing a pixel or multiple pixels at different select pages, we can capture and identify who visited your site or specific places on your site and deliver that information in the form of MD5 Hash Email, Opt-in Email addresses or Postal name and address or any combination of those.

These connections can be sent to you daily in batches or through an API so that marketing programs can be initiated in a very timely manner.

Imagine the marketing power of being able to target someone who went to your site and looked a specific product or offer but did not buy or take action at that time. You’ll either be able to initiate an email campaign or a direct mail campaign or a combination (true omni channel marketing) to win over that web site visitor. You’ll have the ability to send specific offers and messages to these visitors based on what part of your website they went to and what you know about the person (using demographic overlays and append, etc.)
Match rates, i.e., the names identified from all the web site visitors can range from 20% – 40%. This of course is a function of the composition of your site, the site visit traffic, the type of products or services you offer, etc.

To give you an idea of volumes you might expect, a recent client was able to capture 98,890 site visitors in month 1 and 101,258 in month 2 of the program. Another client captured 35,229 new site visitors over a similar time period. Obviously, there are many factors that determine the volume you might expect but web sites with high daily traffic will generate the highest name capture.

For more information and pricing, Call your sales rep. or Mark Schenker, President, Anchor Computer 631-306-9244