Anchor Computer can significantly improve your email open rates with Anchor’s E-Max Open. The E-Max Open process matches your email file with a proprietary database of 150 million unique email addresses which are active in the on-line market. The result is you can identify your email addresses that will show significant improvement in open rates.

Why Is This Important
By matching your Email file to the E-Max Open file and identifying your email addresses that are recently active you can:
1. Identify which of your email addresses that are active in the marketplace and segment out those for priority treatment.
2. Win back customers by knowing which of your customers are active in the market. Knowing this enhances your chances for re-engagement with this segment.
3. E-Max Open protects your email reputation and insures improved deliverability and open rates.

Performance Expectations
Depending on your email file, E-Max Open typically matches 30%-50%. As an example, on a file of 100M email addresses, you can expect to identify 30M-50M active email addresses.

A recent case study using E-Max Open measured the open rate performance of E-Max Open identified email addresses versus all other addresses: open rate for E-Max Open was 9% compared to 1% for all others.

For more information on E-Max Open and to set up a test, call Mark Schenker, President, Anchor Computer 631-306-9244