Our user-friendly interface will guide you through every step of the order process, from setting up an account to retrieving your completed order. Once the order is in the system you can check on the status of the order. You can review past orders or invoices and update your account information at any time.

We designed a Six-Click-Order-Entry system to streamline the order process, as outlined below.

Our account managers and staff are always available to assist, at every step in the process.


Files must be sent: Excel, Delimited, Fix Fielded, or DBF

Initial One Time Registration Process

1. Log onto www.anchorcomputer.com and register on website under “login”.
2. You are given a user ID, and asked to input a password.
3. There are two payment options, to pay by credit card or network card number:
a. If they opt for Credit Card, this is entered on the website.
a. If they opt for the network card number, they must call Anchor and speak to
customer service to get a customer number for billing purposes.
4. Click on “Client Services” on the website and download any required processing
acknowledgement forms, and fax them to: 631-293-4113 (Acknowledgement forms are
required once a year for each application process) or email ncoa@anchorcomputer.com
5. You will have either customized pricing previously supplied by a salesperson, or use the
standard web pricing which is posted on the website.Subsequent Process after Registration
6. To begin processing, log into the website and click on “place an order”.
7. This will bring you to an option screen with a listing of services available. Click on the services that you want provided to you.
8. The pricing screen will appear, and will be up to 4 service levels to choose from. Select one and the “to order” screen will appear.
9. Enter the input quantity tolerance, media type, character set, length of time we are to go back, (For NCOA, Minimum 6 month – Maximum 48 months), quantity, record format, match logic, and type of mailing. Required data may vary depending on service.
10. Next an invoice will appear, and you can either proceed or decline the invoice, in which case they will be brought back to the order screen.
11. You now define your record layout by clicking on “create a new layout”, or access a saved layout from previous jobs. You can save an unlimited number of layouts for subsequent use.
12. After the layouts are defined properly, you will then click on “load”.
13. You will then be prompted for a credit card number, or network card number.
14. Next, a browser will then come up asking you where you have your file.
15. Once jobs have been completed, an e-mail will be sent to you letting you know the file is ready for download.
16. Log back into the website and click on “view orders and invoices”. You will see your filename and password to download the file. The process is now complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How may I contact Anchor Computer?
You may contact us anytime using email, telephone or via fax. We will respond to you as fast as possible during the hours of operation shown.

2. How can I check the status of my order?
You may return to the site to check the status of your job. Just log-in, and then click on the “Job Status” button between “Current Jobs” or “Previous Jobs” and locate your job number. There will be a Job Status Comment next to the number.

In ProgressFile is still being uploaded. File is being processed.

Need File UploadYou need to reload your files due to an error. Click on this link and you return to Upload section. Proceed to re-upload your files. If there is still a problem with your upload and a subsequent re-upload, you will receive a message during your upload along with an email and/or fax to contact us.

File ReadyThe job is complete, please review your final invoice. After you proceed and the payment process has been completed, you may proceed to download your files. You will receive an email and/or fax when your job has been completed.

DownloadThe job is complete and ready for download.

Waiting for Acknowledgement FormPlease note that the United States Postal Service® requires that we have a current Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) on file for you. An Acknowledgement Form signed by an authorized representative of the list owner should be transmitted to Anchor Computer, Inc.

PAF DiscrepancyThe current job is on hold pending approval. NOTE: This order will automatically expire after 7 days. We can not match your company with the Processing Acknowledgement Form you indicated was on file at Anchor. An Anchor Client Services Representative is researching your account. If required, please download, sign and fax to us a new PAF.

Order CancelledThis order will be cancelled if the Acknowledgement Form is not received and processed within 7 days.

Order on Hold
File quantity discrepancy. File quantity percentage not in acceptable range
Data on file does not match layout.
Credit card number declined,
Credit card number incorrect.
Credit card expired
Acknowledgement form expired.
Unable to convert your file, please contact us.
Output media not specified.

Order is late
1. Due to unexpected network/Internet problems your job is delayed. You will be notified when your job is completed. If this presents difficulties please contact us at Client Services
2. File not received within the required time for the service level you selected.
3. We will not be able to meet your service level request for Priority Service, Next Day AM Service, Next Day PM Service or 3 Day Service .We will process your order as soon as possible. The adjusted invoice will be e-mailed to you
4. There is a problem with your NCOALink™ Original Acknowledgement Form. Please correct and fax to Anchor Computer at 631-293-4113
5. List Broker, you must have the list owner complete this form.
6. NCOALink™ Customer Name field must have a name of an officer of your company, not the company name.
7. Date was corrected or changed- please send original form without corrections, the United States Postal Service® will not accept the form as presented.
8. The date on the Acknowledgement Form is incorrect.
9. The United States Postal Service® will not accept Liquid Paper (white out) in the date field. Please send a new Acknowledgement Form to Anchor Computer.
10. Please give correct address for your company- United States Postal Service® will not accept PO box numbers in the Address line.

4. What should I do if I am receiving JavaScript error messages?
You may be having trouble because your browser in not set to use JavaScript. JavaScript is used if you select our Java enabled registration option. If you are using one of the browsers listed below, we have provided some instructions on how to confirm that your browser is set up to use JavaScript:
* Microsoft Internet Explorer v4.0x or later- Netscape Navigator v4.x or later If you are having JavaScript problems and your browser is not listed above, you must upgrade your browser. We have provided these links as a convenience

5. What do I do if my browser freezes?
We are working hard to make our services accessible for all of our clients. However, technology is not uniform across all Web browsers. Please email us at techsupport@anchorcomputer.com the complete details of your technical problem. We will research your problem and respond back to you .

6. What should I do if I have a problem entering my credit card information on your site.
Some browsers do not support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This software is what we use to ensure that your personal information is secure during transmission over the Internet. Please email us at service@anchorcomputer.com, an Anchor representative will contact you. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
7. Is my personal information secure?
Yes, your personal information is secure. Your name, address and credit card number are encrypted using secure socket layer server software (SSL). This software ensures that your information cannot be read or accessed by anyone as it travels through our ordering system. All such transactions over the internet are secure and private. All credit card numbers are deleted from our system after your order has been retrieved from our servers.